Adhitya Herbals

Adhitya Herbal Products (Pvt.) Ltd is a leading company in manufacturing Ayurvedic medicinal products since 1980 under Gunawardhana Ayurveda Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. Company is registered under the Department of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka- reg No: 6/2/1/15/16. Located in Anuradhapura, the company manufactures and supplies more than 40 generic Ayurvedic medicinal products to the Adhitya Ayurvedic Hospitals as well as to Gunawardhana Ayurvedic Medical Centre while supporting the common goal of the company, sharing the benefits of Ayurveda and Sri Lankan traditional medicine with the world. With the vision of being a world class manufacturer of highest quality Ayurvedic medicinal products, Traditional medicinal products and Herbal products, Adhitya Herbal Products (PVT) Ltd. has combined the modern science and technology to traditional and Ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom to provide safe, effective and highest quality Ayurvedic medicinal products, Traditional medicinal products and Herbal products under the new brand name ‘HELAYU’


‘Helayu’ offers you a range of premium herbal products, designed and made to promote the role of herbal remedies to fulfill modern healthy lifestyle. All Helayu products are made in Sri Lanka with 100% natural herbs, blended with Sri Lankan traditional medicine and ancient ayurvedic formulas, experimented and developed by Dr. S.S. Gunawardhana, with over 40 years of experience as a healer in Sri Lankan traditional medicine and Ayurveda. Helayu focuses on providing the natural goodness of a full range of pure, factory-fresh herbal products that will nourish, rebalance and inspire you to maintain better health and wellbeing. We as a company ensure all Helayu products are produced at its best with highest quality, safety and effectiveness.

Dr. S.S. Gunawardhana

Consultant Ayurvedic Physician Dr. Sarath Gunawardhana is a pioneer in traditional medicine and ayurvedic treatments in Sri Lanka, with over 40 years of experience. His areas of specialties include cardio-vascular diseases, female and male infertility, arthritis, diabetes, and neurological disorders. He received the ‘Vidyanidi’ presidential award in recognition of his services to the medical profession 2017. Over the course of his career in the medical profession, Dr. Gunawardhana has developed special treatment methods for several diseases based on Sri Lankan traditional medicines and Ayurveda. ‘Helayu’ is one of such pioneering ventures by the Gunawardhana group’s chairman, Dr. Sarath Gunawardhana.